UltraKids - Building Our Future Entrepreneurs

UltraKids Club – Building Our Future Entrepreneurs

It’s been just over two months since the UltraKids Club launched with the aim of giving children around the world access to an entrepreneurial education. It launched with a bang! Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall spoke to bright-eyed students at Fleet Primary School in Camden, North London. He introduced students to Malachi and Penelope’s UltraKid values which included: ‘Be the best you can be,’ ‘put excellence in to get excellence out’ and ‘share what you know so it will help others grow.’ Of course, it’s just as important for UltraKids to have fun, so there is also ‘celebrating success’ and ‘enjoying what you do’ (always make time for an Ultra selfie!)

The UltraKids Club has launched with an iOS and Android mobile app, website, stories and Ultra special colouring book. But they haven’t even gotten started! Their aim is to create a great range of learning and teaching resources for kids, teachers and parents. There will be something to suit every child in the UltraKids Club!

Julian Hall - The Ultrapreneur

Julian is the Amazon best selling author of The 10 Secrets of Social Media Marketing,  Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to up Your Game and Ignition – How to Startup a Tech Startup, and is also an International Speaker and Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur. He coaches entrepreneurs and travels the globe delivering talks and seminars on innovation, entrepreneurship, dot com and mobile technologies, and Ultrapreneurship. He has delivered these talks to audiences in the UK, Europe, USA and the Caribbean.

He has worked with major global corporations such as Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale, Schroder’s, Virgin Media, The National Health Service and London Transport. Julian has also played a key role in the Caribbean ICT Roadshow in Trinidad and Tobago, The British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Dominica and Belize. In the Caribbean he has worked with The Caribbean Development Bank, The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and the Barbados International Business Association.

UltraKids Logo

Julian’s next mission with the UltraKids Club is BIG! They want to be in front of the eyes and ears of Sir Richard Branson, one of the world’s most famous and loved entrepreneurs. His #PitchtoRich competition gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their businesses and ideas to him, potentially winning investment and support from Virgin Business.

This would be a great opportunity for the UltraKids Club, helping to reach more children and helping them reach their Ultra potential. Sir Richard Branson has expressed ideas similar to the UltraKids and would be a great entrepreneur for the UltraKids Club to work with. He recently said: “I think the best way of learning to run a business is actually to run a business. As part of the school curriculum, if everybody just set up a little business within their school – it could maybe even be a fictional business, with fictional money and so on.

The UltraKids Club believe that with the support of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin we can inspire children for generations to come and make a positive change in the world. They need your help!

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