A Licence To Lock Up Black Boys?

A Licence To Lock Up Black Boys?

Its no secret that the mainstream media has an agenda when it comes to portraying Black people and especially Black boys. We have seen this at its worst when dealing with the victims of police brutality, where they try and justify the injustice by referring to them as “thugs” which is code word for nigger, and trying to portray them as gangsters, showing unflattering pictures and bringing up past accounts of the victims out of context, even stretching as far as to bring up the backgrounds of the parents if they can’t dig up any dirt on the victim themselves.

Mark Duggan

There is an inherent fear of Black boys, so much so that their every action is looked at as suspicious by the mainstream society, to the point where wearing a hood or a hoodie is instantly synonymous with criminal activity, even when you get more than 2 friends together they are “loitering” and referred to as a “gang“, and this bring me to the point of this article.

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, has announced that The Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) are providing £200,000 funding for the new Shieldgang” intervention pilot, which will see members of “gangs” in London collectively punished for the criminal actions of individual members. It is the first project in the capital to go beyond individual members to target gangs as a whole and will see every known member of a “gang” penalised through a range of civil and criminal penalties.

Boris Johnson

So in other words if you are friends with someone, and mainstream society deems your friendship to be a “gang“; and that person commits a crime; whether you were involved or even there, your friendship alone is enough to send you to prison. Stephen Greenhalgh, Deputy Mayor for Policing And Crime is calling this the ‘one rule for all’ approach.

Its interesting that this programme was designed by Professor David Kennedy, director of the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City; as there was a similar attempt to lock up groups of Black people in America last year called “The Knockout Game“.

The myth of The Knockout Game, which was fully exposed and debunked by Tariq Nasheed and then later by the Russia Today news channel, was the mainstream media’s attempt to create this idea that groups of Black people had agreed to play a game to see if they could knock people out. The reason they had to create the illusion of a game is if 1 person commits a crime then only 1 person can be punished, but if others agree to play this “criminal game” then they are all an accomplice in the crime.

The propaganda even went as far as gathering random clips of people being knocked out online and claiming this is all part of Black peoples knockout game spreading across America, even though one of the clips were from a mentally ill person from right here in London. They made it very clear that Black people were the problem.

The reason I mentioned Black boys in particular is because Dr Claud Anderson, the president of PowerNomics Corporation of America Inc., The Harvest Institute & WaterLand Fisheries Inc. addressed the four things that people can do to provide for their basic needs:

  1. Work a job,
  2. Own a business,
  3. Receive government benefits, or
  4. engage in illegal/criminal activity.

The department for Work and Pensions revealed that Black people face 32% more discrimination when handing in their CV for a job application, with young Black boys facing the brunt of discrimination at a 55% unemployment rate. Think about that for a second; the majority of our young brother will be growing up without a legal means to provide for their family, which in turn leads to more “loitering” in the streets and increasing the chances of one young brother turning to criminal behaviour, and getting his whole group of friends locked up.

My Black Market is supporting Black owned businesses and their customers to build a Black UK economy; and we are building an economic platform so that as our businesses grow we will be able to offer job vacancies through the platform, reducing unemployment, and in turn crime in the community. If you would like to become a part of the movement Join Our Empowerment List.

Now that we have our very own version of the Knockout Game in the form of ‘one rule for all’ Shield; will we see increased images of Black people commuting crime in the mainstream media? Do we need to counteract that with our own positive images of Black boys? Will we be seeing large groups of Black people punished for 1 persons crime? and is this a licence to lock up Black boys?

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