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ShalomiCakes is a bespoke cake company with irresistible, amazing and novel cakes, whose designs are elegant and not only visually stunning but also taste delicious, which has ensured ShalomiCakes is fast becoming a highly sought after name on the party planning circuit.

Based in Beckenham, Bromley, the company is headed by cake artist and creative director Shalomi Guthrie-Marshall and her husband Kamau, the managing director. Together they are very passionate about creating edible works of art for special occasions including weddings, christenings, baby showers, birthday parties and corporate events.

Shalomi Guthrie-Marshall

Shalomi was born in West London but grew up from the age of 2 in Hackney, East London. She is one of 9 children to her father and one of 4, and the only girl to her mother. Her mother was extremely supportive of anything and all things that interested her and why Shalomi feels she is so creative today.

After moving to Wolverhampton and having 2 children, Shalomi worked as a Teaching Assistant at her children’s school. While working at the school Shalomi continued to be creative, she started to make bespoke jewellery for clients, She also became a dressmaker and provided clothes alterations services to friends, family and neighbours, she even managed to facilitate workshops in Birmingham.

ShalomiCakes For All Occasions

 “In 2011 I tried to put a swirl on a cupcake at a friend’s house, it was fun and I thought ‘oooo, I like that’. I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about cupcakes. I made a few and brought them into work and they loved them! I received requests from a handful of work friends and members of staff to make boxes of 12 cupcakes or more. I thought I’d be a cupcake lady. Later that year the head teacher asked me to make his daughter a cake… never did a big cake for anyone but my little household and a friend before but I said SURE! I don’t say no to a challenge. What caught me off guard was he wanted an iPod cake, I had never carved a cake before or been so creative but I made it happen.”

“I had never carved a cake before or been so creative but I made it happen.”

“In February 2012 I made the decision to focus on cakes. I had just made a friend’s wedding gown, veil, tiara, jewellery, plus 150 wedding cupcakes and a wedding cake then thought, you know what, I just want to make cakes. The appreciation you receive, the look on faces is priceless. That wedding sparked a new passion for Shalomi, so she set her mind to baking and only baking. With the promise of a partnership by a dear friend who already had a cake business, she handed in her resignation at the place she called work for the past 4 years.

ShalomiCakes Logo

The Partnership failed but the lessons learnt encouraged Shalomi to go it alone. “It took a while to gain the confidence to step out on my own but the belief that others had in me that I could succeed allowed for self-belief, self-confidence and growth.” After having child number 3 and still home-educating she was not able to put as much into the business as she hoped, and threatened with homelessness Shalomi was forced to halt all business activities. She continued to make cakes for family and friends but closed services to the public. Then In December 2014 Shalomi found a permanent home, re registered the business and and started trading again; ShalomiCakes was reborn!

Cakes For Children Adults and Occasions

ShalomiCakes is about taking whatever cake style you want from traditional shapes to elaborate shapes like Shisha Pipes and cars then making it edible. “I add me to every cake, and when I say ‘ME’ I mean a positive approach, amazing ingredients and though this may sound cheesy, love, there is love in what I do when I do it. Making Wow cakes, cakes you don’t want to cut is what we aim to achieve. Whatever the celebration, even if there isn’t one and you just want cake, it’s what we do.”

ShalomiCakes offers made to order designs with a variety of flavours for you to choose from. The future for ShalomiCakes looks amazing, they are doing more corporate events and offering more than cakes and cupcakes but cookies too. They’re busier than ever and next year will begin to look for employees as the demand for ShalomiCakes increases.

Follownig a very high demand for her to teach, Shalomi has short cake decorating courses for enthusiasts, novices or for those wanting a fun day out with a cake to take away. The first one is in South London on July 8th and there are still a few places available to sign up. Click the event listing below for more information.

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