Raving With Racism - My New Years Experience

Raving With Racism – My New Years Experience

New years eve is supposed to be a time of celebration and reflection of the past year, and is somewhat a celebration of gratitude that you have lived to see another year. Now we know NYE is over hyped and over priced, but a quick consultation revealed where the massive and crew were headed… Eastern Electrics!

Eastern Electrics

Now I had never heard of the place but according to my booking agent Resident Advisor, Eastern Electrics are “Bringing their unique blend of electronic magic to London’s party people, the UK’s premier underground promoters Eastern Electrics takeover new clubbers’ paradise Studio 388 for a marathon end-of-year celebration.

So after crying at having to pay £54.95 for a ticket we set off to Studio 388. Its on my way there that I realised all may not be well with the place when a friend mentioned sometimes they act a bit “funny” but as its NYE they should be OK.

Studio 338

Our group was made up of 8 people, 2 couples in front and 4 male individuals behind; all Black. After about a 45 minute wait and getting 10 meters from the door, the owner came out and took 1 look at us, whispered to an assistant who in turn spoke to security, who then without even a request for a ticket proceeded to remove the 2 couples from the line before quickly moving on to us.

Without hesitation, when asked what the problem was and why we are being removed from the line the response was…


They do not want Black people in their club…


After taking a brief moment to let it sink in, a friend of mine, we’ll call him “D” became enraged simultaneously from the shock and liberty of what he had just heard. To be told so blatantly in 2015 that people were still being segregated by race is disgusting. Some bouncers tried to smooth it over by saying “It wasn’t racial, it was because there were too many guys“, which made no sense as the couples were pulled out 1st. The Black bouncer kept it real and said they had been pulling Black people out of the line all evening.

So as we left a dispute arose amongst us as to whether the club had a right of refusal as they had printed on their promotional material? Some of these racist establishment like to cover their white supremacist actions with blanket statements like this so they don’t have to tell you the real reason for their discrimination.

Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 replaces the existing anti discrimination laws with a single Act. It simplifies the law, removing inconsistencies and making it easier for people to understand and comply with it. It also strengthens the law in important ways to help tackle discrimination and inequality. People who offer you goods, facilities or services are not allowed to practice direct discrimination on the basis of a ‘protected characteristic’. The relevant characteristics are:

  • Disability (definition changed)
  • Gender reassignment (definition changed)
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race – this includes ethnic or national origins, colour and nationality
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex, and
  • Sexual orientation.

The Equality act 2010: What do I need to know? quick-start guide for businesses who sell goods and services is a great guide for anyone looking to start a business who may want to cater to a specific market but wants to know the rules for doing so. It also asks the question about clubs and clarify’s the question as to whether Eastern Electrics is a private club:


My club is open to all members of the public who pay an entry fee. Do these rules apply to me?

No, your club is not a private members’ club. But it is already unlawful for you to discriminate against any of these characteristics because you are considered to be a service provider.


So there you have it, nobody offering you goods, facilities or services is allowed to discriminate against you on the basis of race or any other ‘protected characteristic’.

Resident Advisor

In hindsight I am happy that I spent not 1 penny inside their business, we should only spend our money where we are welcome. Eastern Electrics and Studio 338 you have been NAMED AND SHAMED, and are on my boycott list; after I told Resident Advisor the story and requested a refund they still wanted to keep the booking fee, so for trying to profit off of racism white supremacy Resident Advisor you are on my list too.

Since telling my story I have realised there has been a few cases of refused entry due to race. Do you have someone you need to NAME AND SHAME?…

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