ACU Money Talks Radio Show

My Black Market On The ACU ‘Money Talks’ Radio Show

My Black Market founder Daniel Lister was the featured guest on the Afrikan Cooperative UnionsMoney Talks‘ Radio Show on Galaxy Radio 102.5 discussing “Black Capitalism – The Rise of the Black Economy“.

The ACU is a cooperative union that pools resources together with other like-minded people to make a collective investment in projects that will uplift the Black community. They host a weekly radio show called ‘Money Talksevery Wednesday from 8pm – 10pm on Galaxy Radio 102.5 FM. Topics discussed include:

  • The Black Economy
  • Create Our Own
  • Recycling The Black Bound
  • Men, Women & Money
  • Black Banks
  • Cooperative Economics
  • And much more…

If you would like to join the discussion then tune in to the ACU ‘Money Talks‘ show to have your say. What did you think about the topics discussed in the show, we would love to hear your opinion, leave your comments below.