Manifesting The Divine & Black Divinity

Manifesting The Divine & Black Divinity By Author Tony Saunders

Tony Saunders made his bones in New York City as O.G. Foot-C of the Brooklyn, New York Crips in the late 1990s. Following those days he did time in prison for assault with a deadly weapon and was deported back to his place of origin in London, England. During his time in prison Saunders associated with many who were in the godbody movement but put off joining due to his affiliation to Christianity. After returning to London he soon became affiliated with certain Marxist groups before reconnecting with, and this time fully joining, the godbody movement existing in South London. Saunders has since studied sociology and anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London and has applied the lessons he learned to the movement he has become so devoted to.

Tony Saunders

In Manifesting the Divine: Going Beyond the 120 Lessons, published by Toplink Publishing, author, activist and scholar Tony Saunders aka Shahidi Islam presents to Black scholars fighting against racism an in-depth anthropology of the New York City street life that shows how the various institutions and structures of the street life can be used to challenge white supremacy.

“I shall be applying ethnographic signs and texts to show how the extrapolated information relates to the time in question. Conversely, in both sociological and anthropological schools there is an application of various combinations of ethnographic and historiographic information used for theoretical constructs: sociologists of society and anthropologists of cultures, if one forgives the over simplification. In this particular anthropology, as culture is constantly being contested (Clifford 1986), the autobiographical ethnography is an attempt not merely to explain certain subtleties of godbody culture but also to advance the godbody movement – to take it out of the backstreet so to speak.”

Manifesting the Divine takes a novel look at life in late modernity, with specific focus on the 1990s and the global events that occurred during that momentous decade. It also investigates the godbody movement and seeks to find ways for it to answer the mounting racial tensions existing in the United States, finding the root of these tensions in a revival of racist theories that have become inherent within the system of their government.

Black Divinity by Tony Saunders

In Black Divinity: Manifesto of The Black Theocracy Third Edition, published by Toplink Publishing, author, activist and scholar Tony Saunders aka Shahidi Islam gives an eye-opening, thorough account of the historical development of the black community’s efforts to reach self-actualization. The book was inspired by teachings of the Five Percent Nation and Saunders’ real-life experiences as a veteran of the 1990s New York gang wars.

As a veteran of the 1990s United States gang wars and champion of the Brooklyn, New York Crips, Tony Saunders was originally accepted by the “godbody” in 1997 after joining several other gangs in his community. Though at that time he did not officially join the Five Percent movement, he maintained an affiliation with the godbody and played a part in many of their “ciphers.” Being an experienced member of the 187 Gangsta Crips, Saunders, at that time known as 187 Foot-C Loc, spent his time in the East New York, Flatbush and Brownsville areas of Brooklyn mainly focusing on issues relating to the street life, but in 2004 finally committed to the godbody just before getting deported to London where he now lives as a devoted member of both the Five Percent Nation and the Afrikan Co-operative Union.

Five Percent Nation

The book is a study of God’s righteousness and benevolence from a black person’s perspective. Having arisen from the black streets of New York as the godbody, the black theocracy (a system of government by priests claiming a divine commission) is based primarily on the use of codes and culture to find black identity amid the difficult and adverse situations of racism, poverty, marginalization, dyseducation, demonization, humiliation, and habitual incarceration. Saunders shows how the New York City street life has already achieved a level and variation of the kingdom of God in their own culture.


those in the United States street life actually do have a very respectable, while yet Afro-centric, doctrinal system…


The Black Divinity exposes the intricate beauty and complexity of the New York City street culture to allow those outside to see that those in the United States street life actually do have a very respectable, while yet Afro-centric, doctrinal system (including pneumatology, psychology, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, eschatology, soteriology, Christology, and ecclesiology) and how it applies to the real world. It is also an attempt to fulfill the mission of the early Afro-centric movements and resurrect an Afro-chic culture that connects black people the world over with the souls of our ancestors in ancient Kush.

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