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The Company

My Black Markets’ aim is to “Support Black Owned Businesses and their customers to build a Black UK Economy“.

We are part of a Black Empowerment Movement to Support Black Owned Businesses by building a Black Economy with Black Economics to help people Buy Black. Essentially we will provide online and offline business services to Black Owned Businesses to help them prosper.


The centre point of the company will be our online platform where you will be able to get any product or service from a Black Owned Business. We will network those businesses so that every pound you spend in the community, stays within the community, and we will circulate that money within the community creating an economy. The platform will have features such a Black Business Directory, supplier matching and job vacancies. If you have a Black Owned Business and would like it to be on our Black Business database, please enter your business details HERE.

The New Black Economy

Some of the services offered offline will be award shows to give recognition to excellent businesses pushing the bar and providing great service within the community; Black business expos so you can showcase your products and services, and network with other like minded businesses; and a financial institution offering low interest loans to new and existing companies to help you improve your business.

Buy Black Logo

My Black Market is a UK based company that aims to continue the work of great figures in Black History like Marcus Garvey and others within the Buy Black Movement by empowering and showcasing Black Businesses, Black People and Black Business Culture. The colour scheme of Black and gold represents the business owners and their economy respectively. If you have a Black Owned Business and would like it to be featured in an article, please enter your business details HERE.


The History

My Black Market was founded by Daniel Lister in January 2014, inspired by Dr Claud Andersons’ PowerNomics The National Plan to Empower Black America. Dr Anderson is the president of PowerNomics Corporation of America Inc., The Harvest Institute & WaterLand Fisheries Inc.. After reading the book Daniel decided to look into the state of Black people in UK. Not only was he shocked to find out things are just as bad in this country, but in some cases its worse! So with PowerNomics in hand, the plan for the UK Black Empowerment Movement was born.

Dr Claud Anderson

My Black Markets’ role in the movement is to organise Black peoples’ spending power and create an economic base for the Black Empowerment Movement, to help address the issues facing Black people in the UK.

After 7 months of planning My Black Market was launched with an Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness of the company, funds for the building of the platform, and a community around the issue of Black Empowerment through Black Economics. The campaign page can be viewed here.

Although the campaign was a great success in raising awareness through the media and building a community, it unfortunately didn’t reach its crowdfunding goal. Since the campaign the business model and plan has been evolved, improved and refined ready to launch the platform for 2015. This website has been created in the meantime to keep the community up-to-date with progress and to start the work of showcasing Black economic activity in the UK.


The Founder

My Black Market was founded by Daniel Lister, best selling author of Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol. 2, co-authored with Les Brown the #1 Black speaker in the world, and billed as a collection from some of the sharpest minds of our time!

Daniel Lister - Founder of My Black Market

Since a teenager he has been a community activist, teacher and inspirational speaker, travelling up and down the country speaking to schools, businesses and community groups about Black Empowerment, personal development and business development.

After spending many years practising law and finance he attempted to set up the UKs’ first Black Owned bank; taking many meetings with various officials from different financial companies, the plan finally hit a wall when asked to show a target audience for the bank, and with the lack of a Black Community the plans had to be put on hold until there was a way to coordinate the Black Communitys’ spending; enter My Black Market.

Buy Black Clothing

Daniel is the full time founder and managing director of My Black Market and Buy Black Clothing, a high end urban streetwear fashion and lifestyle brand aimed at redefining the Black image and making it aspirational. It aims to change the peoples mindset and perspective on Black Owned Products and Black Owned Services from something that is synonymous with bad customer service to something that’s associated with quality.


The Movement

Marcus Garvey

If you would like to support the Black Empowerment Movement to Support Black Owned Businesses by building a Black Economy with Black Economics, then please Click Here Donate to the movement and help us build the platform.  To be the first to know the latest information and to get FREE instant access to our Business Resource guide, please Join Our Empowerment List below.

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