5 Reasons Why You Should Open A Pop Up Shop

5 Reasons Why You Should Open A Pop Up Shop

Do you have an online store, a community of customers in love with your brand and an audience of fans on popular social networks? Maybe now it’s time to start thinking about extending your reach into the world of real-life physical retail. It’s never a bad idea to have more than one sales channel for your products; But before you jump in the deep end and start doing such unfathomable acts that will have you paying rent, competing with big box retailers, and installing security cameras to protect your inventory, test the waters by considering opening up a pop up shop. That’s right, a temporary setting which could last for a day or up to as much as three months, where you can sell your products without the headache of committing to a lease, managing swarms of employees, or thinking about how to consistently drive loads of foot traffic to your doorstep. Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Open A Pop Up Shop.


1. Create a buzz about your brand

With so many retailers competing for attention, sometimes it can be challenging to stand out, whether it’s social media, search engine or generating engagement, a pop up shop gives you the opportunity to either start or boost your business by creating a buzz in a way that will capture a new market whilst giving your business exposure as well as helping the high street and local community.


2. Brand visibility

I often meet very talented entrepreneurs who are very gifted at what they do and who have a great online presence within their business, however what they do not have is the visibility on the high street, therefore they are missing out on a wider consumer base. Now don’t get me wrong, having an online presence is great as it gives you more time leverage to concentrate on others areas of your business, however it can’t give you that personal encounter with your customers, where as opening a Pop Up Shop can. There is also something tangible about being able to touch before you buy that makes it so much more easier for consumers to make a  purchase, therefore when your customers walk into your Pop up store, the thought that something won’t be around for long causes a reaction to be more willing to purchase on the spot.


3. A great way to test the market with low overheads

Having many retail outlets vacant, rental rates have fallen therefore landlords are now more open to short term projects/ leases which is great for you as it give you that flexibility without  having the responsibility of long term rentals, whilst allowing you to test out your product in a new market before committing yourself on a  long term basis.


4. Off load stock

Pop up shops are also a great way of shifting end of season stock, especially if it’s positioned as a time limited/last chance to buy. From a business prospective why take a loss when you could potentially have best sellers on your hands by selling products offline that you may have had trouble selling online. Utilising this option gives you the ability to off load excess products whilst making a profit.


5. The powerful influence of visual merchandising

Window and in store displays are your main form of advertising to your customer, therefore it is essential to know that you utilise colour as this one of the key components of visual merchandising as this can influence your customer’s choices.  Colour creates an emotional effect which can portray a good meaning about the products you have to offer. A pop up shop however will help you think about the basics of product displays in a way that will entice your shoppers to enter your store, turning them into buyers, by creating strong focal points, eye catching displays and an atmosphere that will encourage them to want to spend time within your shop. There has been no other time then like the present, so what are you waiting for…? Begin your journey today, the world of Pop Ups awaits you…


Charmaine Fearon is a Visual Merchandiser who works with clients within the fashion retail industry, she delivers individual and team training methods, and has over 16 years career experience. Headhunted by well known fashion brand Oasis, Charmaine’s career soared within the company which led her into becoming a Field Visual Merchandiser overseeing multiple stores within the areas of Covent Garden, Brent Cross, Whitley and Selfridges, where all stores experienced an increase of 30% in profit. Her skills were also reflected by winning the ‘Mystery Shopper’ Award in 2002 whilst managing the High Street Kensington store and by reducing stock loss from 9% to 0.6 % within a 3 month time frame. She also has a Diploma in Interior Design and is currently undertaking her BA honours.

Charmaine Fearon

Charmaine  is the founder of  Retail Consultancy Solutions who provide businesses the platform for retail pop up shop spaces. They source property and connect clients with a space that best suits their business. They specialise in providing short term or long term commercial property leases, whilst offering a suite of bespoke tailor made services at each stage of the development process from store set up, store structure, shop floor layout and Visual Merchandising. If you are thinking about opening a pop up shop then email Retail Consultancy Solutions at Enquiries@RetailConsultancySolutions.co.uk or visit www.RetailConsultancySolutions.co.uk for more information.